We have a common belief that things can be done better!

We see financial investors and financiers as clients not as counterparties.

We believe a vessel owning company should be managed using sound business principles including risk mitigation tools.

Even though the shipping industry is in some ways unique, with vessels operating in multiple jurisdictions and at times in harsh environments as well as facing highly volatile earnings, the disciplines required to run a successful business in shipping are mainly the same as in many other industries. We do not believe that this uniqueness should be used as an excuse for not adhering to common business disciplines.

Engine Casing SC LottaMany parties, whether already in or looking to enter shipping, are analysing the point of the cycle the industry is presently in, and are therefore looking at creating structures for various types of vessels to seek to benefit from future upsides. Many are, however, hesitating to go ahead either due to previous bad experiences or by seeing how things have backfired for others. We understand this business from years of practical experience and we know how these risks can be mitigated and how to work with the various players in the market to create a sound business with a clear risk profile.